Jersey 2.29 has been released!

It is a pleasure to announce that Jersey 2.29 has been released. It is rather a large release. While Jersey 2.27 was the last non-Jakarta EE release and Jersey 2.28 was the first release of Jersey under a Jakarta EE umbrella, and both of them stayed compatible with Jersey 2.26 as much as possible (binary compatibility, no new API, only updated dependencies and fixes that did not change the Jersey API or behavior), Jersey 2.29 brings many fixes that stacked up since 2.26 and lot of new features, most notably:

  • JDK 11 support
  • Possibility to pass configuration properties through the environment variables
  • Possibility to pass configuration properties using a Microprofile Config implementation
  • Implementation of Microprofile REST Client specification
  • Extension module for Spring 5
  • Possibility to use HK2 Abstract Binder removed in 2.26 again for backward compatibility
  • Enhanced Jetty connector configuration possibilities

Please let us know how you like it!

We are still working on the documentation, though. We have updated the design of a User Guide to correspond with the Jakarta EE style. Now we need to focus on the content, fix what is obsolete and describe new features, that’s our main goal for the silly season!

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