Finishing Jakarta EE Release

It has been a year since the opening of Java EE has been announced. Whole year first the Oracle company and later the Jakarta EE community jumped in to be working hard on the transition of every Java EE technology to the Eclipse Foundation under Jakarta EE umbrella. Java EE reference implementation – Glassfish application server, as well as the Java EE Technology Compatibility Kit (Java EE TCK), are under the Jakarta EE umbrella, too.

As part of the transition process, couple of Java EE technologies were released recently, noticeably (from the Jersey perspective):

However, these technologies won’t be part of the initial Jakarta EE release. Every API and every implementation needs to be released again, with Eclipse compatible license. The initial Jakarta EE release should be (binary) compatible with the latest Java EE releases.

To prove the compatibility of Jakarta EE with JavaEE, the Jakarta EE initial release needs to pass Java EE TCK. The process is to stage the artifacts first, integrate to Eclipse Glassfish, pass the Java EE TCK, and then release the artifacts, the Jakarta EE initial release.

All of the Jakarta EE APIs were staged. The API artifacts are no longer javax.* jars, they are jakarta.* jars, now. JAX-RS API will be of version 2.1.3. The implementations are being staged, too. Eclipse Jersey will be of version 2.28.

Everyone works hard on the Jakarta EE release, but it is a bit overdue. All the artifacts were planned to be staged before November 5th. Currently, it looks like a couple of more weeks are needed. The good news is, it’s happening, and likely everyone can get his Jakarta EE to release for a Christmas gift.


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